Beneath the quiet of night,
  under  the  vast  sky,
  where stars whisper stories of ancient light,
  I find you again in the sigh of the wind,
  in the gentle caress of the moon's soft beam.

Your smile, a memory etched in the stars,
  a lantern guides me through the harrowed wall,
    of  my  heart.
  Your laughter, a melody that reverberates across the eons,
  a symphony that lingers in the silence of my mind,
    keeps me company among the tumultuous life.

The miles stretched wide,
  a chasm of silent cries,
  a beacon once thought to withstand the test of time.
  But time, a cruel mistress,
    adds distance to the miles,
    a facade of perfection, at best, a jest.

No distance too far,
  no age too enduring,
    to dim the echo of your laughter,
    to quell the fire of your touch.

Yet, here I stand,
  reminiscing the good old days,
  lost in the labyrinth of time.
  a prisoner of the heart,
  and a slave to the mind,
    that misses  the  idea  of  you.