A collection of notes, thoughts, and ideas that are cultivated and grown over time. It’s a place where you can plant seeds, grow them, and let them bloom. It’s a place where you can let your thoughts grow organically, and where you can let your ideas flourish.

In a sense, it is a form of hypertext, a personalized Xanadu system. Wikipedia is also considered as society’s digital garden

Joel Hooks puts this better than I can ever do:

A garden is usually a place where things grow.

Gardens can be very personal and full of whimsy or a garden can be a source of food and substance.

We gather and work together in community gardens to share the labor as well as the rewards of a collective effort.

It’s a comparison that you can take very far. From “planting seeds” and “pulling weeds” to tending multiple gardens that each serve an individual need or desired outcome.

Like with real gardens, our digital gardens are a constant ebb and flow towards entropy.

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The garden and the stream