Fashion, rather a hobby than a need (prob. why expsense are high, but worth it). It is an art, a form of self-expression and self-care, for one to exert themselves to the world.

My mantra: “Quality over quantity.” Get a few good pieces that will last you a long time.

I do follow trends, and fashion shows. A mix of smart casual, and street wear are my comfort zone.

Keep it simple, and minimalistic. Less is always more.

gender dynamics.

See also: Fashion and the Homospectatorial Look and this video

Fuss’s arguments suggest that contemporary fashion photography does not simply cater to a heterosexual male gaze but also tacitly produces a gaze that, while regulating homosexual desire, provides opportunities for its expression. She argues that fashion photography often presents women in a manner that is eroticized, which can be seen as catering to a male gaze. However, this same eroticization can also appeal to women, creating a homospectatorial look where women are viewing other women through a lens that is both homoerotic and commodified.

Plays well into spaces that open for more nuanced and subtle expression of desire and identity. Quiet luxury’s emphasis on minimalism, subtle textures mirrors the homospectatorial look.

why fashion show matters, and why it doesn’t.

Similar to math, AI conference, it is a place for people to show off their work and get inspired. Legendary designers, with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Dean and Dan Caten, over the years has pretty much shaped and influenced how our jeans and causal style look like. Just look down to their pair of jeans, or slim-fit trousers you wear. Some of the crest or folded textures are inspired by probably one of these designers.

It matters in the sense it drives the industry, but also it doesn’t matter because you can pretty much get the look or highlights of what is trendy from the internet, or social media, via “shortification” of videos and informations.

I do care about fashion shows simply I appreciate the art and the work that goes into it.


Extensions from the book Pretentiousness: Why It Matters by Dan Fox.

Pretentiousness is for anyone who has braved being different, whether that’s making a stand against artistic consensus or running the gauntlet of the last bus home dressed differently from everyone else

Calling a person pretentious can be a way of calling out the trappings and absurdities of power. It’s a way of undermining the authority that they have positioned themselves with.

Fashion often get associated with pretentiousness, as present a signal of wealth. Simply by its outlandish message, people often get the impression that one wear these logo-mania brands often have a lot of capital in their possession, which is usually the case. In reality it is the middle class demographics who are purchasing these products, who can indulge themselves without compromising their financial well-beings.

One shouldn’t get judged by the clothes they wear, but rather the character they possess. If you feel good in a designer dress, or you worked hard for it, then by all means you should enjoy it to the fullness. However, it often signals the flex culture, or inferred as new money.

It is also a matter of taste, and identity.

quiet luxury.

Not a huge fan of fast fashion, I’d rather spend a bit more on a good pair of jeans that will last me years, than a cheap pair that will last me a few months.

Few exceptions include Uniqlo, Muji, but I wouldn’t consider them fast fashion, because they are actually high-quality products 😄

Don’t buy into maximalist brands. Overpriced, and the churn rate is high.

Few exceptions: Tom Ford, Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent

see also: source and this tweet

Go for quiet luxury, and timeless pieces: The following are few of favourite brands, in no particular order:

BrandGenre of clothing to get
Brunello CucinelliCashmere, wool, and linen 🤌 😗
Manière De VoirProbably the best black fit tee I’ve ever worn.
Oak + FortMinimalistic, clean, and simple. Also not to be confused with Frank and Oak
Studio NicholsonTrousers, and shirts, ong their leroy jacky are amazing.
COSBasics, and essentials.
StoffaCustom made, and tailored, wanna know how to style.
SefrPretty niche, but some of their beige lazaro shirts are nice.
Ted BakerHoly crap that’s half of my closets. Trousers, shirts, suits, cargo, etc.
Ralph Lauren PoloThem trench coats are nice, daily driver during winter szn.
Mansuir GavrielTheir bags are my fav.
Olend BackpacksFor the love of backpacks.
BellroyTote, durable, flexible.
Loro PianaIf you can afford go for it
Club MonacoTrench coats, overcoats, too based.
Brooks BrothersSuits on special occasions.
ArcteryxTechnical wear, performance, gears are awesome.
TimberlandUtility, quality, style and worth for money.
Banana RepublicGot their cashmere and merino wool sweaters. They are good.
Abercrombie & FitchBaggy jeans, flannels comfy wear.
Massimo DuttiTheir leather jackets are nice.
SezzaneTheir blouses are nice.